Kaido Decaf Brand Story







Immerse in and enjoy the purity of KAIDO decaf coffee beans

Our 6 exclusive natural methods of processing aerobic coffee beans will reform the coffee market with its heavenly aroma!

KAIDO Coffee carefully selects Arabica coffee beans originating from Brazil, Indonesia and Columbia. Besides removing impurities through the 6 exclusive methods, it is also able to enhance the taste and fragrance of coffee beans. Its biggest difference from usual coffee beans is the “energy” from our 6 exclusive methods of pre-processing and patented baking technology.   

From the growing to roasting of beans, we insist on using our 6 exclusive methods. First of all, the beans must be rinsed using O3 ozone water, the coffee beans are soaked in alkaline bamboo charcoal water and bamboo vinegar after rinsing. These are able to remove the impurities and enhance the fragrance of beans. This is also the key to lowering caffeine naturally. Our coffee beans are then bathed under the sun at 23.5 degrees north latitude of Chiayi-Tainan Plain. After that, the beans will go into the far-infrared dryer to reduce the moisture to the perfect 12.5 degrees. Finally, energy stones will be added into the roasting machine to be roasted together. 

Our coffee is SGS tested. 12g of beans is brewed in 180ml of hot water, in every 100ml, there is only 37mg of caffeine. That is less than 1/3 of a cup of coffee! When people think of decaf coffee, they will think of pricier coffee that compensated caffeine with its fragrance. Try a cup of KAIDO aerobic coffee and we are sure it will blow your mind!  

The aim of KAIDO aerobic coffee is to be healthy, natural, pure and decaffeinated. Having a one-stop production line not only ensures the quality and freshness of coffee, but also allows customers to drink decaffeinated, impurity-free and aromatic quality coffee at an affordable price. We hope to gather more coffee lovers to promote such healthy aerobic coffee from Taiwan to the rest of the world, so that more coffee lovers can experience the cutting edge technology from Taiwan!